Vehicle Export Requirements to Canada

"Exporting Self Propelled Vehicles from U.S. to Canada Requirements Effective April 5,2014"   (Some Port have made regulation effective May 8,2014)

U.S. Customs requires 72 hours advance notice once the application has been approved and the International Transaction Number (ITN) issued.

We can handle this process on your behalf and in turn process your unit through Canada Customs.

Following required to submit application:

A.   Minimum 5 days advance notice with following details.
B.   Copy of vehicle title (original with carrier at time of reporting at U.S. Customs at time of export) indicating owner/importer to Canada of vehicle.
C.   Copy of Bill of Sale indicating sellers name, address and phone number and purchasers name, address and phone number.  Also with complete details of Make, Model and Vin Number.   The total weight of the vehicle is also required.
D.   Transporting carriers name.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call 207-538-6974